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The Company

Apoteótica Cinematográfica is a rising production company set in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, that puts effort in trying to broaden the range of LGBT+ culture and representation. With a history of gay and lesbian themed short-length films, the company now seeks support or partners to co-produce two current feature film projects, participate in international script labs and career mentorship.


The two partners, Otavio Chamorro and Rafaela Camelo, are also developing their careers by specializing in screenwriting series fiction – one hour dramas and thirty minutes comedies and dramadies. Both of them have written projects and screenplays in such formats and are negotiating with TV channels and other screening platforms to produce their work.


The urge to lead a production company came from the need to lean their focus towards the ambition not only to create and write films and series but also to be directors or showrunners of their original projects, always with a unique point of view, as well as being part of writers’ rooms and direction teams of projects that relate to their work.


This video is edited using films and episodes written and/or directed by the two partners, therefore including productions of fellow companies.


Get in touch!

Don’t hesitate in asking for screening links, press kits, full projects and additional information to us. We are looking forward to working with you.

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